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Living Donor Fast Facts

Living Donor Fast Facts



Any live donor, even if its a total mismatch is better than the best deceased donor," says Dr. Shield of St. Francis Hospital, Kansas, "Kidneys from a living donor are always healthier."




Benefit to the recipient is the primary reason why the transplant industry emphasizes living organ donations over the prevention of end-stage renal failure, improving the quality of life on dialysis, the artificial kidney, or maximizing deceased donation by fixing the waitlist and eliminating geographical hording. Unfortunately, the industry tends to forget that living donors are people with families, friends and futures, not just organ incubators.






[Note: Not having health insurance leaves living donors vulnerable to medical costs related to complications, as well unable to procure follow-up care. Consequently, complications from living organ donation are severely underreported. See Living Donor Bills & Insurance for more on how living donors can protect themselves from unpaid costs]


[Note: The Affordable Health Care Law of 2010 eliminates denial of insurance based on pre-existing conditions, but living kidney donors have reported being forced into the high-risk pool.]









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Last Updated October 14, 2012